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I Done Gone Shoot Brick Walls

About the Game

This game is a son of a bitch. You start out for a walk in the woods with the sole purpose of shooting stuff with your newly acquired fully automatic weapon when suddenly a wall of cinder blocks appears in front of you. Your natural reaction is to shoot the shit out of them because, hey, you came out into the woods to shoot your gun anyway. You start to destroy bricks with satisfaction but suddenly you are planted in one spot and cannot move. The wall approaches you. If you don't shoot your way out you know you may not survive.

Development of this started with tutorials. Having not used Unity before I had to learn the basics and this tutorial showed me the ropes. Once I was comfortable enough manipulating assets and adding scripts I modified the "Bootcamp" game demo available in the Unity asset store to produce this game. I stripped out the unnecessary environment objects, change the camera perspective to first person, modified player health, added a script to generate the brick wall, added game music from Travis, added a title screen and a score counter. Overall, learning how to use Unity was a great introduction to 3D game development.

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