Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join?

Fuck no (we're full).

Why is there a limited attendance?

From the beginning we imagined this to be a small gathering, and it made sense to reach out to our friends who are all video game fans. As such it's being held at one of the organizer's homes, so for the interests of security and safety, and because we've never done this before, we're keeping the numbers to a small, personal group. Perhaps if we do this again, we'll invite more people.

If you're interested in joining us next year, please fill out this professional looking form and your name will be on the waiting list for next year.

I didn't get an invite/was turned down/am a stranger/couldn't attend, can I play along at home?

Absolutely! Just adhere to the rules: only make the game between May 18th and May 20th. And please send us your results! We will more than likely post your failure on the site along with all of ours.

Is there a hashtag?

We can't guarantee it'll be worth reading, but we'll encourage people to use #wtfjam.

Do you have to be a game designer to participate in the jam? You claim to not know what you're doing, but you have jammers with legit industry experience.

It's true that some of the people participating have worked in major and indie game studios. This is more a side effect of the people we happen to know and were interested in the game jam. Really we just looked for people who love games, or are somehow involved in game culture, and/or have relevant skills. Artists, writers, ice dancers, law students, all are welcome so long as you're mad enough to spend 3 days with strangers trying to make a game.

Hello, I am an independently wealthy super villain/investor/potential sponsor/Nigerian prince. Do you know what I could do with all my goddamn money?

YES WE DO! Please get in contact with the organizers and we will totally throw together a very attractive package... Uh, I mean... No wait that wasn't actually dirty.

Um, never mind.

(...but seriously though, email us.)

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