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WTF Are We Doing?
Throwing a Game Jam.

None of us have ever done this before, but it seems fun and more than a little terrifying.

So fuck it, let's fail together.

A lot.

No, seriously What the fuck are you doing?

First off, what is it?

The WTF Game Jam is an opportunity for some friends who love games to come together and try to make their own. The catch is that most of us have never made a game before, and have no idea where to start. We have a variety of backgrounds: artists, writers, and coders. We will be meeting in one apartment, and for 72 hours (minus some sleep in there somewhere) we will do nothing but code, write, design, and bang our heads against our monitors as we try to figure out how to put together a video game. We will work in teams or by ourselves, we might have ideas we've worked out before or pick something random at the beginning. At the end we'll show off what we managed to create, if anything.

Honestly, we have no idea what the fuck we're doing.

Uh, okay... Why?

We love games, but we don't make them. Most of us never have, and probably never would. We love to make things, but we don't. We find excuses not to, our lives get too busy. Some of us aren't that way, but all of us would benefit from a weekend throwing ourselves at a project and seeing what happens. We're doing this because we need a reason to make something, and because we love games too much to not try this at least once.

Besides, it'll be a hell of a story.

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