Bomb Party

About the Game

The brainchild of several WTF Game Jam participants, Bomb Party is a multiplayer party game that requires a lot of yelling.

Basic premise: Each player has a bomb coloured red, blue, green, or yellow. The bombs will detonate in one minute, and if any bomb detonates, the game is over. Each player is shown instructions on how to disable other players' bombs. These instructions are coloured, and the words describing each colour are a different colour than the word describes. For example:

"Blue (green) bomb needs to cut the yellow (red) wire."

Only after all of these steps were completed would the bomb be defused. Mistakes would result in a time penalty. Different types of defusal mechanisms included: coloured key codes, cutting wires, flipping switches, and turning screws.

Optional hard mode: one of the players is the bomber, and is feeding false instructions to the other players in an effort to detonate the bombs.

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