Build-A-Bara is a dress-up game/dating sim where you can design a handsome gay man and take him on a date. The concept is a pun on Build-A-Bear Workshop and 'bara', a subgenre of Japanese art that focuses on masculine gay erotica. Unlike its counterparts, yaoi and shonen ai, bara is often created by and for gay men, the irony of which was not lost on the two women who made this game.

To play requires a mouse. Click on categories to choose body features, clothing, and accessories for your date. Click the "Random Bara" button to design a random character, and "Random Outfit" to select a random outfit. Once you are ready, click "Go on Date" to start the dating sim portion. There are four different date endings, some triggered by conversational choices and others by articles of clothing. Click or press the spacebar to advance the conversation, and click on replies to select them.

This game contains implied sexual content.

Sara Chicazul
Art & Script
Lindsay Ishihiro
Mike Levens